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Figure 2

From: TMA for all: a new method for the construction of tissue microarrays without recipient paraffin block using custom-built needles

Figure 2

TMA block production and examples. TMA block production, step by step – grid positioning with double-side adhesive tape (E1 and E2); punching tissue core with hand-press grommet inserting machine (E3 to F3); positioning tissue core on the grid, over the double-side adhesive tape (F4); 3 × 3 grid complete with 9 tissue cores in the mould (G1); pouring liquid paraffin into the mould (G2); TMA block with 9 tissue cores (G3); slide with 9 tissue cores TMA for IHC control + case section [IHC with chromogranin A primary antibody, carcinoid tumor] (G4); 25 × 13 grid complete with 325 tissue cores in the mould (H1); TMA block with 325 tissue cores, 25 × 13 grid (H2); H&E slide with 325 tissue cores, 25 × 13 grid (H3); immunohistochemistry stains in cores done with 16G needle [PLAP, placenta, 4×] and 18G needle [cytokeratin AE1/AE3, teratoma, 4× and CD3, tonsil, 4×] (H4).

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