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Table 3 Treatment and follow-up for primary testicular angiosarcoma

From: Primary angiosarcoma of the testis: report of a rare entity and review of the literature

Source, year Primary Treatment Final Margins Additional Treatment Pattern of Spread and Progression Outcome
     Local Recurrences Metastases  
Hughes et al, 1991 [1] Orchiectomy Negative No No No Alive and well 9 months after diagnosis
Masera et al, 1999 [2] Orchiectomy Negative No No No Died 1 month after diagnosis from stroke, no autopsy
Steele et al, 2000 [3] Orchiectomy Negative Chemotherapy No Lung, renal hilar and para-aortic lymph nodes Multiple metastatic recurrences despite aggressive chemotherapy
Sahoo et al, 2003 [4] Orchiectomy Negative Chemotherapy No Retroperitoneum, retroperitoneal lymph nodes, liver, lung and pleura Alive and well 22 months after diagnosis
Current case Orchiectomy Negative No No No Alive and well 20 months after diagnosis