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Table 1 List of primers and probes used in this study

From: Epstein-Barr virus associated gastric carcinoma: a report from Iran in the last four decades

Genotype Sequence Type by probe or size after RE1 digestion Reference
Antisense 5'-GGCTCGTTTTTGACGTCGGC-3   Sample et al. (53)
Type 1 5'-GAAGATTCATCGTCAGTGTC-3' 153 bp2  
Type 2 5'-CCGTGATTTCTACCGGGAGT-3' 246 bp  
Sense 5'-TCCCACCTGTTACCACATTC-3' Prototype F: 198 bp Lung et al. (54)
Antisense 5'-GGCAATGGGACGTCTTGTAA-3' Variant "f": 127 + 71 bp  
   Probe 5'-AAGGCTACCGTGCTAATTACCTCC-3'   Hudson et al. (55)
Sense 5'-ACCTGCTACTCTTCGGAAAC-3' Type I: 205 bp Lung et al. (54)
Antisense 5'-TCTGTCACAACCTCACTGTC-3' Type "i": 130+75 bp  
XhoI site in LMP1    
Sense 5'-AACAGTAGCGCCAAGAGGAG-3' XhoI+:113 bp Sandvej et al. (56)
Antisense 5'-ATGGAACACGACCTTGAGAGG-3' XhoI-: 67+46 bp  
  1. 1Restriction enzyme; 2Base pairs