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Table 2 Demographic and clinical summary

From: Primary colorectal small cell carcinoma: A clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study of 10 cases

Case Age/Sex Site History Present-Ation Metastasis/Site Procedure Associated Pathology Follow up
1 65/M Ileocecal ? Cholecystitis Abdom-inal Pain - Right Hemicolectomy (pT3 N2) Tubulovillous adenoma with invasive adenocarcinoma adjacent to SmCC DOD
2 69/M Ascending colon Family history of colon cancer Abdominal pain +/Liver Biopsy + Right Hemicolectomy (pT2 N2) Adenoma DOD
3 88/F Ascending colon Mass adjacent to colon Pleural Effusion +/Medias-tinal lymph nodes and liver Biopsy - DOD
4 42/F Rectum 2 previous negative rectal biopsies a year earlier Abdominal pain +/Liver Biopsy - AWD
5 43/F Rectum Ulcerative colitis Abdominal Pain and weight loss +/Retro-peritoneal, inguinal lymph nodes, liver and skin Biopsy Ulcerative colitis DOD
6 49/F Rectum Rectal villous adenoma 2 years earlier Abdominal Pain +/Para-aortic lymph nodes and liver Biopsy - DOD
7 59/F Rectum Crohn's disease Abdominal pain +/Para-aortic lymph nodes Biopsy + Low anterior resection (pT3 N2) Crohn's disease + 3 tubular adenomas away from SmCC DOD
8 66/F Rectum - Stool incontinence + Rectal pain +/Groin lymph nodes Biopsy - AWD
9 39/M Rectum - Rectal urgency +/Exten-sion to pelvic side walls Biopsy, loop colostomy, then abdomino-perineal resection SIADH DOD
10 61/F Ano-rectal junction - Rectal bleeding +/Liver Biopsy - AWD
  1. AWD = Alive with disease. DOD = Dead of disease