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Table 1 Clinical findings in patients with myeloid sarcoma

From: Myeloid sarcomas: a histologic, immunohistochemical, and cytogenetic study

Case Age, year/sex Site Bone marrow
1 25/M Scrotum Uninvolved
2 66/M Kidney RAEB-2*
3 27/M Testis AML, M2
4 54/F Colon AML, M2
5 58/M Orbit Uninvolved
6 72/M Skin Uninvolved
7 46/F Lymph Node Uninvolved
8 62/F Gingiva Myelofibrosis
9 36/F Vagina AML, M1
10 38/M T5, T7 CML/BP**
11 51/F Gallbladder AML, M5b
12 40/F Breast AML, M1
13 38/F Breast AML, M4
  1. *RAEB-2: Refractory anemia with excess blasts 2
  2. **CML/BP: Chronic myelogeneous leukemia, blast phase