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Table 1 Literature review of Posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLD) arsing in the oral cavity

From: Monomorphic post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder of the tongue: case report and review of literature

Author Age & sex, site Onset Diagnosis, site EBV status Treatment Follow up
Doak et al 1968 34 ♂, kidney 180 days Reticular Cell Sarcoma, tongue & oral cavity Viral inclusions Antimycotic Medication NOS Died 30 days after
Staddlemann et al 1996 65 ♀, kidney 600 days NK/T-cell lymphoma, pharynx Positive Cyclosporine d/c, Four cycles CHOP Remission for 1080 days
Reams et al 2003 16 ♀, R + L lung 330 days Polymorphic B-cell lymphoma, tongue Negative Four cycles of Rituximab Patient died of Sepsis
Rolland et al 2004 60 ♂, heart 3600 days Peripheral T-cell lymphoma NOS, gingiva Positive Azathioprine d/c, decrease Cyclosporin Remission for 360 days
Rolland et al 2004 61 ♂, heart 1410 days DLBCL, maxilla Posotive Stepwise decrease in Ciclosporin Recurrences at 180 and 510 days
Bruce et al 2006 45 ♀, pancreas 660 days DLBCL, tongue Positive Sirolimus d/c Tacrolimus adjusted Remission 660 days, AR
Gonzalez-Cuyar et al 2007 47, ♂, kidney pancreas 720 days DLBCL, tongue Positive Decreased immunosupression Remission for 790 days