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Table 1 Antibodies used in the study

From: Smooth muscle actin and s100p on non germinal centre diffuse large B cell lymphoma are adverse prognostic factors: pilot study

Antibodies Source Clone/Antibody HIER Dilution Incubation Staining interpretation
S100p DakoCytomation Rabbit polyclonal 1 1: 400 RT Nuclear -/+cytoplasmic
SMA DakoCytomation 1A4/monoclonal 2 1:50 RT Nuclear -/+cytoplasmic
CD20 DakoCytomation L26/monoclonal 2 1:200 RT Membranous
CD79a DakoCytomation JCB117/monoclonal 2 1:50 RT Membranous
CD10 Novocastra NCL-CD10-270/monoclonal 1 1:20 RT Membranous
Bcl-6 DakoCytomation BG-B6p/monoclonal 1 1:20 RT Nuclear
Mum-1 Santa Cruz goat polyclonal 2 1:50 37°C Nuclear, nucleolar
Bcl-2 DakoCytomation 124/monoclonal 2 1:50 RT Membranous
Ki-67 DakoCytomation MIB-1/monoclonal 1 1:75 RT Nuclear, nucleolar
  1. 1-Tris-EDTA pH9.0
  2. 2-Citrate buffer pH6.0
  3. RT: room temperature