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Table 1 Proposed levels of standards in tissue-based diagnosis

From: Image standards in Tissue-Based Diagnosis (Diagnostic Surgical Pathology)

Level Legal aspects Medical aspects Technological aspects
1 (Highest, aims: what to do?) privacy, image documentation, transmission, presentation disease – image combination, human, automated diagnosis, archive Image display, formats, transfer speed, safety, system dynamics
2 (Intermediate, implementation: how to do?) encryption of privacy data, 10 years image archives, annotations of dates and viewing, precise hardware and software information DICOM 3, HL 7, image resolution, fields of view, of sizes of biological objects and image access to archives and retrieval PACS, image acquisition systems, image correction procedures, display resolution, image formats, storage, cycle frequency, backup procedures, operation system, external system accessibility
3 (Lowest, actual standard data: to do with what?) Maximum error rate, individual prepositions, institutional characteristics. Diagnosis frequencies, dates of continuous education, quality control. Control check of devices and used systems, device and software maintenance.