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Table 1 Most common conditions considered as CV by participants of present survey.

From: How do surgical pathologists evaluate critical diagnoses (critical values)?

Conditions Number of Refers
Acute leukemia in bone marrow specimens 52
FS reports 26
Unexpected Malignancy 23
Mucor mycosis 12
All malignancies 9
High grade lymphomas 9
Unsuitable or absent specimen 9
Breast malignancy 7
Malignancy in endoscopic specimens 6
Malignancy in FNA 6
Malignant melanoma 6
Brain Tumors 5
CIN II and III 5
Malignant cells in cytology of fluids 5
Tuberculosis 5
Unexpected Benignancy 5
Bone marrow biopsy for thrombocytopenia 4
Difference with previous pathologic diagnosis 4
Necrotizing vasculitis 4
Renal needle biopsy in transplanted kidney 4
CSF cytology with malignant or leukemic cells 3
Cutaneous vesiculo-bullous diseases 3
Fluid cytology 3
Mediastinal lymphoblastic lymphoma 3
Metastatic tumors 3
Septic arthritis 3
Wilm's tumor 3
Mediastinal mass in SVC syndrome 3
  1. Second column numbers depict how many times the condition was referred by participants.