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Table 4 Cytogenetic findings in Adamantinoma

From: Adamantinoma: A clinicopathological review and update

Author Type of adamantinoma Karyotype
Mandahl et al [68] Classic 46,XX,t(1;13;22), t(15;17)
Sozzi et al [69] Classic 52,XY +7,+12,+13,+19,+der(7), +der(13)
Hazelbag et al [70] Classic 50,XY,+7,+8,+12,+19
  Classic 50,XY,+7,+8, +12,+19
  Classic 51,XY,+X,+7,+12,+19,+21/50,
  Differentiated 48,XY,+7,+8
  Differentiated 46,XX,t(2;11), inv(11)
Kanamori et al [55] Classic 54,XX,-1,+5,+der(7),+der(8), +der(9),+19,+20,+21,+mar1,+mar2
  Classic 7,8,12,19 extra copies
  Classic 7,8,12,19 extra copies
  Differentiated 54,XY,+5,+7,+8,+12,+12,+14,+19,+21/53