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Table 5 Cytopathology of Adamantinoma

From: Adamantinoma: A clinicopathological review and update

Author Age of patient Site of tumor Behavior of tumor Cytologic features
Hales and Ferrell [71] NA Tibia Primary Peripheral palisading, and prominent extracellular hyaline-like material
Galera-Davidson, et al [72] 31 Tibia Recurrent Single-lying cells, small clusters and Indian files, with some nuclear molding. Three cell types (1) large polygonal cells with chromatin clearing, (2) smaller cells with poorly defined cytoplasm and dense chromatin and (3) fusiform cells
Laucirica, et al [73] 25/M Tibia Primary Numerous sheets and single cytologically bland spindle cells with "chromatinic membrane folds"
Perez-Ordonez and Bedard [74] Two cases Lung Metastatic Small round and spindle cells with indistinct cytoplasm. The nuclei had delicate nuclear membranes, with finely dispersed chromatin and occasional micronucleoli. No pleomorphism.
Tabei, et al [75] One case Lung Metastatic Clusters of small cells with either prominent nucleoli or spindle-shaped hyperchromatic nuclei.
Flowers et al [76] One case, 32/M Tibia, Lung Recurrent and metastatic Numerous nuclear membrane grooves within the polygonal cells
  1. NA: Not available