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Table 2 Used antibodies, source and dilution.

From: Expression of p-AKT characterizes adenoid cystic carcinomas of head and neck with a higher risk for tumor relapses

Antibody Clone/species Source Dilution Positive control
p-AKT ab28821 polyclonal rabbit Abcam, Cambridge, UK 1:100 glioblastoma multiforme
TKTL-1 JFC12T10 monoclonal mouse Linaris, Wertheim, Germany 1:200 colorectal adenocarcinoma
M2PK DF4 ScheBo Biotech, Gießen, Germany 1:250 colorectal adenocarcinoma
GLUT-1 polyclonal rabbit DAKO, Hamburg, Germany 1:100 epidermis
Ki67 MIB-1 DAKO, Hamburg, Germany 1:200 tonsil