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Figure 6

From: Clonal status and clinicopathological observation of cervical minimal deviation adenocarcinoma

Figure 6

Electropherogram on 8% polyacrylamide gel. On the AR PCR gel pictures, there was two bands before DNA samples obtained from glandular epithelium was digested by Hha I. In contrast, one band disappeared after the DNA samples of the glandular epithelium was digested by Hha I. However, the intensities of the two bands were equal for a case of adenomatous hyperplasia and three cases of normal cervical tissues with or without Hha I digestion -, pretreated without Hha I; +, pretreated with Hha I; M, DNA marker. T1-T3, MDA tissues from 3 different female patients. AH, adenomatous hyperplasia.

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