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Table 1 Antibodies and Interpretation Criteria

From: Prostate-specific antigen and hormone receptor expression in male and female breast carcinoma

Antibody Source Clone Dilution Positive Control Positive Result
PSA Dako Polyclonal 1:10,000 Prostate Any cytoplasmic staining
PSAP Dako PASE/4LJ 1:1,280 Prostate Any cytoplasmic staining
AR Dako F39.4.1 1:40 Prostate Nuclear staining ≥ 10%
ER Dako ID5 1:50 Breast carcinoma Nuclear staining ≥ 10%
PR Dako PgR636 1:400 Breast carcinoma Nuclear staining ≥ 10%
  1. PSA - prostate specific antigen; PSAP - prostate specific acid phosphatase; AR - androgen receptor; ER - estrogen receptor; PR - progesterone receptor.