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Table 3 Grading and Staging Data for PSA-Positive Cases

From: Prostate-specific antigen and hormone receptor expression in male and female breast carcinoma

Age/Sex Nuclear Grade Tumor Size Lymph Node Status Immunohistochemistry
62 F I 1.5 cm Negative (0/18) PSA+ (diffuse), PSAP-,
AR-, ER-, PR-
75 F III 2.5 cm Negative (0/11) PSA+ (focal), PSAP- AR+, ER+, PR+
58 M III 1.3 cm Positive (2/13) PSA+ (focal), PSAP-, AR+, ER+, PR+
  1. PSA - prostate specific antigen; PSAP - prostate specific acid phosphatase; AR - androgen receptor; ER - estrogen receptor; PR - progesterone receptor.