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Table 2 Immunohistochemical stains used, including their clones, dilutions, source and controls

From: Diagnostic utility of snail in metaplastic breast carcinoma

Antibody Monoclonal/polyclonal Clone Dilution Source Positive Control
SNAIL M AbcamAb17732 1:500 DAKOCarpinteria, CA Breast cancer
EGFR M DAKO kit prediluted DAKOCarpinteria, CA Colon cancer
OSCAR M OSCAR 1:200 DAKOCarpinteria, CA Tonsil
WS-KER P Cytokeratin Wide Spectrum (WSS) 1:1600 DAKOCarpinteria, CA Breastcancer
P63 M PIN2 cocktail prediluted DAKOCarpinteria, CA Prostate cancer
  1. EGFR = epidermal growth factor receptor; WS-KER = wide spectrum keratin