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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of the reported malignant cases of liver solitary fibrous tumors

From: Skull base metastases from a malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the liver. A case report and literature review

No Reference Year Age/sex Treatment Size (cm) Lobe of
Immunohistochemistry Histology Follow-up
1 Sezal Y, et al. [12] 2000 25/F Excision 32 × 30 × 12 Right Vimentin+ spindle cells with oval-fusiform nuclei 6 months
2 Chan G, et al. [13] 2007 70/M Excision 27 × 24 × 12 Right Vimentin+,
CD34+, Bcl2+, CD99+
spindle-cell fibrosarcoma: highly cellular and pleomorphic, with areas of necrosis and a very high mitotic index (> 20/hpf) > 9 months
3 Brochard C, et al. [14] 2010 54/M Excision 17 × 12 × 8 Right Vimentin+, CD34+,
desmin+, actin+
Tumor cells were polymorphic: small and round, spindle-shaped, voluminous with acidophilic cytoplasm, or with polymorphous nuclei. 9 years