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Table 1 Souce, dilution, pretreatment and cutoff values of primary antibodies used

From: Maspin expression is frequent and correlates with basal markers in triple-negative breast cancer

Antibody (clone) Manufacturer Dilution Pretreatment Cutoff values
Maspin (EAW24) Novocastra 1:200 Microwave 10% (positive)
CK5/6 (D5/16B4) Dako 1:50 Water bath 10% (positive)
CK14 (LL002) Novocastra 1:100 Water bath 10% (positive)
EGFR (EGFR.113) Novocastra 1:25 Microwave 10% (positive)
CD10 (56C6) Novocastra 1:50 Water bath 10% (positive)
p63 (4A4+Y4A3) LabVision 1:200 None 10% (positive)
ER (1D5) Dako 1:50 Water bath 10% (positive)
PgR (PgR636) Dako 1:800 Water bath 10% (positive)
HER2 Dako Prediluted (Hercep test) Water bath Score 3+ (positive)