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Table 1 Patients with composite histology of atypical Burkitt's and follicular lymphoma

From: Atypical burkitt's lymphoma transforming from follicular lymphoma

Patient This case 1 2 3
Age 58 77 52 44
Sex M M F M
Site and stage at initial presentation Submand LN + abd LN, ascites
Stage III
Stage IV
Stage III
Stage IV
Temporal sequence of transformation Concomitant Concomitant Concomitant Concomitant
Histology Composite
Composite follicular + Burkitt's Composite Follicular + Burkitt's Composite Lymphoma
Cytogenetics at transformation t(14;18) by PCR +
MYC translocation by FISH
t(14;18) + t(8;14) t(14;18) in follicular area
t(14;18) + t(8;14) in transformed area
t(14;18) + t(8;14)
Treatment Chemo Chemo Chemo → CR Chemo → CR
Outcome Primary refractory died 13 months after Dx Primary refractory and died 4 months after diagnosis Relapsed 3 months later with partial response to salvage chemo CNS relapse 6 months later and died
Reference   17 18 19
  1. Abbreviations: F: female; M: male; LN: lymph node; FISH: fluorescent in-situ hybridization; NA: not available; BM: bone marrow;CNS central nervous system;
  2. Dx: diagnosis; CR: complete remission; PR: partial remission; NR: non-remission;