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Table 1 Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of cases with gastric adenoma-neuroendocrine tumor

From: Neuroendocrine tumor in gastric adenoma: a diagnostic pitfall mimicking invasive adenocarcinoma

Case Age (years) Sex Location Procedure Size (mm) Depth of invasion Pathologic Follow-up Time
1 64 M Body, PW ESD 0.62 MM TA and NET 2 years
2 63 M Body, PW ESD 4.0 LP TA and NET 2 years
3 52 M Body, PW ESD 1.8 MM TA and NET 2 years
4 65 M Body, LC Subtotal gastrectomy 4.1 SM TVA with focal AC and NET 12 years
  1. M indicates male; PW, posterior wall; LC, lesser curvature; ESD, endoscopic submucosal dissection; MM, muscularis mucosae; LP, lamina propria; SM, submucosa; TA, tubular adenoma; TVA, tubulovillous adenoma; AC, adenocarcinoma; NET, neuroendocrine tumor.