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Table 3 Correlation between hepatitis C virus quantitation in serum and protein Kinase R in liver tissue

From: Implication of protein kinase R Gene quantification in hepatitis C Virus Genotype 4 induced Hepatocarcinogenesis

  Serum viral load
PKR gene expression in liver GII
(HCV-4 related HCC)
Spearman's correlation coefficient (rs) −0.56 −0.46
P-value 0.004 0.02
  1. A significant negative correlation is shown between both studied groups, in which lower serum viral load was associated with higher PKR gene expression
  2. GII (HCV-4): group II with hepatitis C virus genotype 4; GIII (HCV-4 related HCC): group III with hepatitis C virus genotype 4 related hepatocellular carcinoma; PKR: protein kinase R.