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Table 2 Pagetoid spread in the epidermis

From: Prostate carcinoma metastatic to the skin as an extrammamary Paget’s disease

Paget’s Disease (PD)[17]
• Primary PD
• De novo in the areola[18]
Melanocytic Tumors[19]
• Malignant melanoma[20]
• Spitz’s nevus[21]
• Acral nevus[22]
Epithelial Cutaneous Neoplasms
• Squamous cell carcinoma (Bowen’s disease)[23]
• Extraocular sebaceous carcinoma of the shoulder[24] and left upper arm[25]
• Ocular sebaceous carcinoma (of Meibomian gland origin) in eyelids[26, 27]
• Merkel cell carcinoma[28]
• Tricholemmal carcinoma[29]
• Porocarcinoma[30]
• Basal cell carcinoma[31]
Benign Epidermal Conditions
• Focal acantholytic dyskeratosis[32]
• Cutaneous hamartoma with pagetoid cells[33]
• Clear cell papulosis of the skin[34, 35]
• Pagetoid dyskeratosis of the prepuce[36]
• Benign mucinous metaplasia of the penis (mucosal side of prepuce)[37]
• Mammary gland-related clear cells of normal nipples (Toker cells)[38, 39]
Lymphohematopoietic Conditions
• Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
• Pagetoid reticulosis
• Localized Woringer-Kolopp disease[40]
• and generalized Ketron-Goodman disease[41]
• Mycosis fungoides, common type
• Langerhans cell histiocytosis: self-healing[42], malignant[43], nodular[44]
• Leukemia: Monoblastic leukemia[45]
Carcinomas and Malignant Melanoma