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Table 1 List of antibodies

From: Pulmonary artery sarcoma with angiosarcoma phenotype mimicking pleomorphic malignant fibrous histiocytoma: a case report

VIMENTIN Monoclonal mouse V9 Novocastra 1:300
CD31 Monoclonal mouse anti-h JC70A DAKO 1:100
CD34 Monoclonal mouse QBEnd/10 Novocastra 1:100
VE-CADHERIN Goat polyclonal Santa cruz Biotechnology 1:100
VEGF Mouse monoclonal VG1 Neomarkers 1:100
VEGFR3 Rabbit polyclonal Santa cruz Biotechnology 1:400
PDGFRa Rabbit polyclonal Santa cruz Biotechnology 1:100
FGF-2 Rabbit polyclonal Santa cruz Biotechnology 1:200
Factor VIII Rabbit polyclonal DAKO 1:200
ULEX EUROPAEUS-I LECTIN Rabbit polyclonal Sigma 1:500
FLI-1 Monoclonal mouse MRQ1 Cell Marque 1:100
EMA Monoclonal mouse E29 DAKO 1:100
CK 8/18 Monoclonal mouse 5D3 Novocastra 1:50
CK AE1-AE3 Monoclonal mouse AE1-AE3 DAKO 1:100
S100 Rabbit polyclonal DAKO 1:600
HMB45 HMB45 DAKO 1:100
Melan A A103 DAKO 1:50
Desmin DE-R11 DAKO 1:100
h-Caldesmon Monoclonal mouse h-CD DAKO 1:50
Ki67 Monoclonal mouse MIB-1 DAKO 1:200
P53 Monoclonal mouse DO-7 Novocastra 1:50
  1. VE indicates vascular endothelial; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor; PDGFRa, platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha; FGF, fibroblast growth factor; EMA, epithelial membrane antigen; CK, cytokeratin.