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Table 1 Details of the results of immunohistochemistry staining in tumor cells

From: Primary central nervous system plasmablastic lymphoma presenting in human immunodeficiency virus-negative but Epstein-Barr virus-positive patient: A case report

Antibody Result Antibody Result
LCA Diffusely cell membrane positive CD4 Negative
CD38 Diffusely cell membrane positive CD5 Negative
CD79a Diffusely cell membrane positive CD7 Negative
Mum-1 Partly nuclei positive CD8 Negative
Kappa light chain Partly cytoplasm positive CD56 Negative
Lambda light chain Partly cytoplasm positive CD30 Negative
CD20 Partly cell membrane positive CD138 Negative
Plasma cell marker Partly cytoplasm positive ALK Negative
Ki-67 Nuclei positive index was about 75% TIA-1 Negative
CD2 Negative PAX5 Negative
CD3 Negative