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Table 1 Summary of the reported case of lobular carcinoma with intra and extracellular mucin secretion

From: Invasive lobular carcinoma with extracellular mucin as a distinct variant of lobular carcinoma: a case report

Authors Age Site Surgery ER/PR HER2 Lobular Carcinoma In situ Multifocality Signet ring component Positive lymph nodes Additional pathology
Rosa et al., [7] 60 right breast simple mastectomy +/+ - + - + axillary dissection not performed synchronous ductal carcinoma in left breast
Yu et al. [8] 65 left breast lumpectomy +/- 3+ + - + sentinel lymp node metastasis -
This case,2012 43 right breast modified radical mastectomy +/+ - + + + axillary lymp node metastasis (1/19) -