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Table 1 The positive expression number of CXCR4 protein in nude mice xenografts

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: RNAi targeting CXCR4 inhibits proliferation and invasion of esophageal carcinoma cells

Groups n KYSE-150 nude mice TE-13 nude mice
CXCR4siRNA1 200 81±5* 86±5*
CXCR4siRNA2 200 97±4* 92±6*
negative control 200 140±8 132±7
blank control 200 143±4 148±3
  1. The positive color is brown particles. Each film were counted 5 high power field (400 x), each of the visual observation of 200 cells and recording the value of the positive cells as a result of statistical analysis, calculate the average number of positive cells in the cells of each array was 200. No coloration is negative. Compared with negative control and blank control group, CXCR4 protein expression of CXCR4 siRNA1 and CXCR4 siRNA2 group was significantly reduced in the two types of esophageal cell xenografts model in nude mice, the difference was significant (* p <0.05).