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Table 3 Summary of literature reviews on BRAF mutation analyses in recent publications

From: Shifted termination assay (STA) fragment analysis to detect BRAF V600 mutations in papillary thyroid carcinomas

Journal (references) Year Organ Tissue No. of cases Methods
Present study 2012 Thyroid FFPE and cell line 159 STA fragment analysis, direct sequencing
J Mod Diagn [19] 2012 Lung and colon FFPE and cell line 152 HRM-sequencing and HRM-SNaPshot
PLOS One [20] 2011 Brain FFPE 97 SNaPshot
Eur J Endocrinol [21] 2011 Thyroid fresh tissues 90 Real-time PCR
PLOS One [8] 2011 Lung Cytology and FFPE 447 and 42 Real-time PCR
J Mod Diagn [22] 2011 Colon FFPE 42 Multiplex SNaPshot
Clin Chim Acta [9] 2011 Skin FFPE 45 COLD-PCR
J Mod Diagn [14] 2011 Colon FFPE 125 Real-time PCR
Hum Pathol [4] 2010 Thyroid FFPE 76 RFLP
Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2010 Skin FFPE 116 conventional PCR