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Figure 2

From: CognitionMaster: an object-based image analysis framework

Figure 2

Image of Ki67 [18] stained breast cancer tissue displayed in CognitionMaster with Ki67+ tumor cells (red), Ki67- tumor cells (yellow) and normal cells (green). Segmentation was performed according to [28]. A. Showing the objects features as a mouse-over effect. B. Scatter plot diagram displaying two features for all image objects (cells) marked in the image on the left: the mean haematoxylin intensity in the H-DAB stain (x-axis) and a form factor given by contour-length2/contour-area (y-axis). The displayed features may be selected by the user once the features are computed (Process menu). A and B. Objects may be selected in the image or in the scatter plot diagram. Selected objects are highlighted in both presentations (blue).

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