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Figure 4

From: CognitionMaster: an object-based image analysis framework

Figure 4

User defined cell interaction analysis of a fluorescent bone image with in-program scripting. A. Processing chain with standard elements (e.g. the computation of the length of the objects border to objects classified as bone tissue) and user-defined in-program scripts (e.g. the segmentation and (primary) classification of the three object types bone tissue (blue), osteoclast (green) and monocyte (red)). Names of processing steps are displayed in large black letters, configured arguments in small gray letters. Segmentation result with red, green and blue contours. Interacting cells with yellow contours. B. Source code editor showing the source code of the “Cell Interactions” processing step that computes the length of the border of osteoclasts to bone tissue and assigns the “osteoclast interacting” class if this length is above zero.

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