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Table 1 Cases of sudden death due to glioblastoma multiforme published in the current literature

From: Sudden, unexpected death due to glioblastoma: report of three fatal cases and review of the literature

  Authors Sex Age (years) Topography Size of tumor (cm) Symptom
1 Sutton JT et al. (2010) M 7 Right frontal lobe 7 2 hours before death complying of a headache
2 Vougiouklakis T. et al. (2006) M 34 Third ventricle, at level of the foramen of Monro 6,9 No neurological symptoms. The man was found unconscious in bed
3 Shiferaw K. et al. (2006) M 48 Right frontal lobe 4 Patient with schizophrenia. Five day prior death, the man was disoriented, slow, and somnolent.
4 Elgamal EA. et al. (2006) M 10 week Left parietal lobe / Irritability excessively for 1 day and large vomit
5 Matschke J. et al. (2005) F 33 Right fronto-parietal lobe / No neurological symptoms. The woman was found dead in her apartment
6   M 52 Left cingulated gyrus with infiltration of the thalamus / No neurological symptoms. The man suddenly collapsed at home
7   M 75 Left cerebellar hemisphere with infiltration of adjacent brainstem structures / No neurological symptoms. The man was found lying dead in his bed
8 Eberhart C.G. et al. (2001) M 39 left frontal lobe 5 No neurological symptoms. The man was found unresponsive on the bathroom
9   M 35 Right cerebral hemisphere showed a large mass lesion, involving the basal ganglia and internal capsule 5 No neurological symptoms. The man was found unresponsive
10   M 45 Right frontal lobe 4 The man died after his automobile left the road at a high rate of speed and impacted a tree.
11 Matsumoto H. (1993) M 20 Left temporal lobe / /
12 Present paper M 71 Right medulla and right temporal lobe 2 Headache, confusional state and difficulty in walking few hours before the death
13   M 79 Left temporal lobe 3 Confusion, slackening, sleepiness, and tremor of the upper limbs start few days before the death
14   M 43 Left frontal lobe 3,5 No neurological symptoms. The man was found dead in a slope near the track of the railway.