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Table 1 Overview of studies reporting TTF-1 positive primary breast cancers

From: Expression of thyroid transcription factor-1 is associated with a basal-like phenotype in breast carcinomas

Reference TTF-1 positiv/total Study population TTF-1 clone
Ersahin et al., 1/1 Case study 8G7G3/1
Int J SurgPathol 2009
Christie et al., 1/1 Case study Unknown
IntJ Clin Exp Pathol 2010
Klingen et al., 1/1 Case study SPT24
DiagnPathol 2010
Robens et al., 13/546 Unselected SPT24
Am J SurgPathol 2010
Sakuray et al., 4/134 Unselected 8G7G3/1
Histopathol 2011
Present study 7/247 Population-based SPT24