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Table 1 Antibodies used in the immunohistochemical study

From: Expression of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition-related proteins and their clinical significance in lung adenocarcinoma

Antibody Source Non-neoplastic mucosa Altered expression in cancer
Cytokeratin mouse monoclonal, clone AE1/AE3, 1:200, Dako Cytoplasmic Loss
E-cadherin mouse monoclonal, clone HECD-1, 1:200, Zymed Membranous Loss
TTF-1 mouse monoclonal, clone 8G7G3/1, 1:200, Dako Nuclear Loss
β-catenin mouse monoclonal, clone CAT-5H10, 1:500, Zymed Membranous Cytoplasmic or Nuclea
Vimentin mouse monoclonal, clone vim-3B4, 1:400, Dako Negative Cytoplasmic
Snail rabbit polyclonal, ab 85931, 1:500, Abcam Negative Nuclear
Twist rabbit polyclonal, ab 50581, 1:500, Abcam Negative Cytoplasmic
CD44 mouse monoclonal, clone DF1485, 1:250, Dako Negative Membranous