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Table 2 Patient characteristics and tumor progression

From: KRAS, EGFR, PDGFR-α, KIT and COX-2 status in carcinoma showing thymus-like elements (CASTLE)

No. Stage Therapy Progression
1 pT4, N1b (18/21), MX, R0 Total thyroidectomy, left central neck dissection, resection of the left recurrent laryngeal nerve and the left internal jugular vein, chemotherapy, radiation (50 Gy) After recurrence: Tumorectomy, bilateral neck dissection, transsternal lymphadenectomy Local recurrence after 2 months
2 pT3, N0 (0/5), MX, R0 Thyroidectomy, cervico-central lymphadenectomy No recurrence (time of observation: 36 months)
3 pT3, N0, MX Subtotal thyroidectomy, local telecobalttherapy of the neck (60 Gy) No recurrence (time of observation: 19 months)
4 pT2, N0 (0/7), MX Hemithyroidectomy right, then restthyroidectomy, microdissection of the cervicocentral compartment, radiation of the thyroidbed (59,4 Gy) No recurrence (time of observation: 15 months)
5 pT3, N1 (1/19), MX En bloc resection with the right lobe, neurolysis N.laryngeus recurrens right, neck dissection right, supraclavicular cervical lateral dissection, radiation (50 Gy) No recurrence (time of observation: 17 months)
6 pT4a, N1 (1/5), M0, R0 Total thyroidectomy, neck dissection, radiation of the neck region (50 Gy) No recurrence (time of observation: 22 months)
  1. No. case number; Stage TNM classification.