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Table 2 Characteristics of eligible studies

From: XPC Lys939Gln polymorphism contributes to colorectal cancer susceptibility: evidence from a meta-analysis

First author (year) Country Ethnicity Sample size (case/control) Genotyping methods CRC confirmation Source of control Matching criteria Quality scores HWE(P value)
Pardini 2008 Czech Caucasian 532/532 PCR-RFLP HC HB Age and sex 8 0.165
Gil 2012 Poland Caucasian 133/100 PCR-RFLP NR HB Region 3.5 0.803
Yue 2013 China Asian 428/450 PCR-RFLP PC HB Age and sex 6 0.964
Aizat 2013 Malaysia Asian 255/255 PCR-RFLP HC HB NR 5 0.316
Engin 2010 Turkey Caucasian 110/116 PCR-RFLP NR HB NR 5 0.642
Wu 2011 China Asian 420/842 PCR-RFLP HC PB Age, sex, smoking and BMI 9 0.639
Liu 2012 China Asian 1028/1085 PCR-RFLP HC HB Age and sex 8 0.740
Hansen 2007 Denmark Caucasian 395/797 Endpoint reading NR PB Sex 7.5 0.112
  1. HC, Histologically confirmed; PC, Pathologically confirmed; NR Not reported; PB, Population–based; HB, Hospital–based; HWE, Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium in control population; PCR–RFLP, Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism.