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Table 4 Serum SAA Levels in Benign Disease, CIN, and CC Patients

From: Expression of serum amyloid A in uterine cervical cancer

Group Number Median
NNL 32 9.2
CIN 34 14.1
Stage I 33 22.7
Stage II 39 24.3
Adenocarcinoma 6 20.2
Squamous cell carcinoma 66 25.9
Pairwise Comparison   P
NNL versus CIN   0.31
NNL versus stage I   0.002
CIN versus stage I   0.024
Stage I versus stage II   0.483
Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma   0.626
  1. NNL Indicates non-neoplastic lesion; CIN Indicates cervical intraepithelial neoplasias; CC Cervical carcinoma; SD, Standard deviation; P Values are from 2-sided Wilcoxon-Kruskal-Wallis tests for the indicated comparisons.