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Table 2 The clinical information of reported cases of Langerhans cell variant of CEOT

From: A clinicopathologic study on calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor: with special reference to Langerhans cell variant

Author (year) Age (year)/sexa Duration (month)b Locationc Symptom Oral examination Association with impact teeth Radiographic feature Resorption of teeth root Treatment and follow-upd
Present series 58/M 3 Max, R molar to L3 Swelling Swelling, loose teeth No Mutilobular radiolucent R3-6 Partial resection of the maxilla, 10 years NER
Present series 40/F 48 Max, R incisor to L premolar Loose teeth, pain Depression over the anterior maxilla, loss of alveolar bone No Unilobular radiolucent L1-2 Currettage, 5 years NER
Asano M (1990) 44/F Several years Max, L1-R6 Swelling Swelling No Unilobular, radiolucent R1-3 Partial resection of the maxilla, no follow-up information
Takata T (1993) 58/M 6 Max, L3-5 Loose teeth, loss of palatal and buccal alveolar bone No swelling, loss of bone, loose teeth No Unilobular, radiolucent L3-5 Enucleated,10 years NER
Li Wang (2006) 38/M N.S. Mand, R4 to ramus Swelling, pain N.S. N.s Well-difined radiolucencent N.S. Partial resection of the mandible, 2.5 year NER
  39/F 24 Max, L premolar, gingiva Swelling in gingiva Swelling in gingiva N.s N.S. N.S. Resected, 2 year NER
Wang YP (2007) 52/F 0 Max, R anterior region No symptom Depression over the anterior maxilla No Unilobular, radiolucent No Partial maxillectomy 23-16, No follow-up information
  1. aM = male, F = female; bN.S. = not stated; cmax = maxilla, mand = mandible, R = right, L = left; dNER = no evidence for recurrence.