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Table 1 Naturally occurring disaccharides formed from two glucose units

From: Introduction to glycopathology: the concept, the tools and the perspectives

Type of linkage Common name
α1 → 2 kojibiose
β1 → 2 sophorose
α1 → 3 nigerose
β1 → 3 laminaribiose
α1 → 4 maltose
β1 → 4 cellobiose
α1 → 6 isomaltose
β1 → 6 gentiobiose
α1↔α1 trehalose
  1. All disaccharides are conversion or degradation products of natural polysaccharides and glycosides, except for trehalose which is present in bacteria, fungi and insects; arrows depict involvement of anomeric centers (from [1], with permission).