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Table 2 Overview of folds with capacity to bind sugars and of lectin classes

From: Introduction to glycopathology: the concept, the tools and the perspectives

Type of fold Example for lectin Example for ligand
β-sandwich (jelly-roll) a) galectins β-galactosides
b) calnexin, calreticulin Glc1Man9GlcN Ac2
c) ERGIC-53, VIP36, VIPL ManxGlcN Ac2
d) CRDa of Fbs1 in SCF E3 ubiquitin ligase and peptide-N-glycanase Man3GlcN Ac2; mannopentaose
  e) pentraxins glycosaminoglycans, MOβDG, 3-sulfated Gal, GalN Ac and GlcA, Man-6-phosphate
  f) G-domains of the LNS family (laminin, agrin) heparin
C-type asialoglycoprotein receptor, collectins, selectins Fuc, Gal, GalN Ac, Man, heparin tetrasaccharide
I-type (Ig fold) N-CAM, TIM-3, siglecs Man6GlcN Ac2, HNK-1 epitope, α2,3/6-sialylated glycans
P-type mannose-6-phosphate receptors (MR) and proteins with MR homology domain (erlectin, OS-9) Man-6-phosphate, Man5,8GlcN Ac2
β-trefoil a) fibroblast growth factors heparan sulfate
b) cysteine-rich domain of C-type macrophage mannose receptor GalN Ac-4-sulfate in LacdiN Ac
c) lectin domain in GalN Ac-Tsb involved in mucin-type O-glycosylation GalN Ac
d) hemolytic lectin CEL-III of sea cucumber and lectin EW29 of earthworm Gal
β-propeller a) 4-bladed: tachylectin-3 S-type lipopolysaccharide GlcN Ac/GalN Ac
b) 5-bladed: tachylectin-2
c) 6-bladed: tachylectin-1 KDO
β-prism I secretory proteins zg16p/b Man, heparan sulfate
β-prism II pufferfish (fugu) lectin Man
β-barrel with jelly-roll topology tachylectin-4, eel (Anguilla anguilla) agglutinin, X-epilectin Fuc
Fibrinogen-like domain a) ficolins GlcN Ac
b) intelectins (mammalian, Xenopus) Galf, pentoses
c) tachylectin-5 N-acetylated sugars sialic acid
d) slug (Limax flavus) lectin
Link module CD44, TSG-6, LYVE-1, aggregating proteoglycans hyaluronic acid
Hevein-like domain Tachycytin and spider (Selenocosmia huwena) neurotoxin; cobra venom cardiotoxin GalN Ac; heparin-derived disaccharide
(β/α)8 barrel (glycoside hydrolase family 18) YKL-40 (human cartilage glycoprotein-39; chitinase-like lectin) (GlcN Ac)n
Short consensus repeat (complement control protein module) Factor H (complement regulator) glycosaminoglycans, sialic acid
  1. acarbohydrate recognition domain, bN-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases; adapted from [42], with permission.