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Table 4 The four classes of reagents used in glycocyto- and histochemical analysis

From: Introduction to glycopathology: the concept, the tools and the perspectives

Experimental aim Type of reagent Example
Detect certain aspects of glycosylation Plant lectin/carbohydrate-specific antibody Monitoring the presence of β1,6-branching in N-glycans or of sialylated Lewis epitopes
Detect accessible sites binding a distinct carbohydrate epitope Neoglycoconjugate Detecting binding sites for sialylated Lewis epitopes in colon cancer
Detect distinct lectins in situ Antibody specific for endogenous lectin Performing immunohistochemical galectin fingerprinting in colon cancer (with prognostic relevance for galectins)
Detect accessible ligands (glycan/peptide) for an endogenous lectin Tissue lectin Delineating prognostic relevance for galectin-3 binding in head and neck cancer sections
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