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Figure 6

From: Neutrophil depletion in the early inflammatory phase delayed cutaneous wound healing in older rats: improvements due to the use of un-denatured camel whey protein

Figure 6

Mallory Trichrome stain of the skin sections showing collagen deposition at the eighth day after wounding (x 100). Collagen fibrils appeared symmetrically proliferated and invaded the dermis of the wound region of the young (AD) rat skin (arrows show the direction of the movement of collagen fibres; line shows the narrow wound region eight days after wounding). Unlike the younger rats, disturbed collagen deposition was detected in the older rats (SN) with a wide wound region (line). Collagen fibrils in the older rats supplemented with WP (SNWP) were found to be symmetrically distributed and to have invaded the dermis of the wound region.

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