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Table 2 Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis

From: Current evidences on XPC polymorphisms and gastric cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis

First author (Year) Country Ethnicity Sample size (case/control) Genotyping methods Matching criteria Source of control GC ascertainment SNPs HWE(P value) Quality scores
          Lys939Gln Ala499Val PAT+/−  
Palli 2010 Italy Caucasian 306/547 TaqMan Gender PB Histo- PAT+/− 0.085 7
Dong 2008 China Asian 253/612 PCR-RFLP Age and gender PB Histopatho- Lys939Gln, Ala499Val, PAT+/− 0.699 0.217 0.786 8.5
Engin 2011 Turkey Caucasian 106/116 PCR-RFLP Age and BMI HB NR Lys939Gln 0.642 4.5
Long 2010 China Asian 361/616 TaqMan Age, gender, ethnicity, smoking, and drinking HB Histopatho- Lys939Gln, Ala499Val 0.446 0.673 6
Ye 2006 Sweden Caucasian 126/472 PCR-RFLP NR PB Histo- Lys939Gln 0.540 7
Li 2010 China Asian 203/210 PCR-RFLP Age, gender, smoking, and drinking HB Patho- Lys939Gln, Ala499Val 0.173 0.462 7.5
  1. GC, Gastric cancer; Histopatho-, Histopathologically confirmed; Histo-, Histologically confirmed; Patho-, Pathologically confirmed; NR, Not reported; PB, Population–based; HB, Hospital–based; HWE, Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium in control population; PCR–RFLP, Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism; BMI, Body mass index.