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Table 1 Equivalent generic terminology elements in PathLex.

From: A reference model based interface terminology for generic observations in Anatomic Pathology Structured Reports

APSR template id APSR element name (PathLex) Generic element
e.g. e.g. Cytological type Class
e.g. e.g. Lesion size, largest dimension Diameter Distance of lesion from closest uninvolved margin Distance Treatment effect Treatment Effect Extent Extent Lesion focality Focality
e.g. e.g. Histological grade (WHO) Grade Macroscopic type Growth pattern Specimen integrity Integrity
e.g. e.g. Margins involvement Involvement
e.g. e.g. Estrogen receptor Marker
e.g. e.g. Lesion ulceration Neighborhood relationship
e.g. e.g. Number of lymph nodes involved Number
e.g. e.g. Lymph node sampling Procedure
e.g. e.g. Lesion site Site
e.g. e.g. pT Stage Specimen weight Weight