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Table 3 Concordance between the three methods used

From: Diagnostic application of PIK3CA mutation analysis in Chinese esophageal cancer patients

Kappa (95% CI) ME-Liquidchip Sanger sequencing Pyrosequencing
ME-Liquidchip   0.71 (0.59-0.83) 0.64 (0.51-0.77)
Sanger sequencing    0.75 (0.61-0.89)
  1. The results of mutational analysis by Sanger sequencing were in agreement with Pyrosequencing k = 0.75. The scores of both methods were in poor concordance with ME-Liquidchip k = 0.71 vs to Sanger sequencing and k = 0.64 vs to Prosequencing.(values in brackets are the 95% CI for the k statistic).