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Table 1 Antibodies used for canine gastric tissues immunohistochemistry

From: An immunohistochemical study of canine spontaneous gastric polyps

Marker Clone Supplier Dilution Antigen unmasking Incubation period Positive control
H. pylori Polyclonal Zytomed, Deutschland 1:200 CB/PC ON Human gastric mucosa with H. pylori
COX-2 SP21 NeoMarkers, USA 1:75 CB/PC ON Canine mammary tumour
p53 Anti-p53 Novocastra, UK 1:400 CB/PC ON Canine intratubular seminoma
CDX2 AMT28 Novocastra, UK 1:300 CB/PC ON Canine normal intestine
KI-67 MIB-1 Dako, Denmark 1:50 CB/PC ON Canine high grade lymphoma
  1. CB citrate buffer; PC pressure cooker.
  2. ON overnight.