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Table 2 Clinical features of AKU patients

From: Diagnosis of secondary amyloidosis in alkaptonuria

Patient # Date of selection (month/year) Peripheral neuropathy Orthostatic hypotension Ventricular and atrial dilatation chronic bacterial infection Spondylarthropathy Glossomegaly Surgery
1 08/2011 y y y n y y Knee (r), shoulder (r) and hip (l) arthroplasty
2 10/2009 y y n y y n Knee (r, l), shoulder (r) and hip (r) arthroplasty
3 03/2012 n y n n y n Meniscus (r) surgical repair
4 04/2012 y y n n n n None
5 11/2012 y y n y y n Knee (l), and hip (l) arthroplasty
6 01/2013 y n n y y n Knee (r) arthroplasty
7 05/2012 n y n n n n None
8 02/2012 y y y n y n Knee (l) arthroplasty
9 03/2013 y n y y y y Knee (r) and tendon ankle fracture (l)
10 11/2011 y y n n y y Knee (r), and hip (l) arthroplasty
  1. No patient was receiving immunosuppressive or chemotherapy treatment. y = yes; n = no; r = right; l = left.