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Figure 4

From: miR-203 inhibition of renal cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting of FGF2

Figure 4

FGF2 over-expression partially attenuated the tumor suppressive effect of miR-203. A–C. 786-O cells were transfected with miR-203 mimics or miR-Ctrl with FGF2 over-expression plasmid. CCK-8 assay (A), in vitro migration assay (B) and in vitro invasion assay (C) were performed. D. The relative expression levels of FGF2 in 20 ccRCC tissues and adjacent non-tumor tissues were determined. E. The inverse correlation between FGF2 and miR-203 expression in 20 ccRCC samples was determined using Spearman’s correlation analysis (r = −0.8340, P <0.05) * P <0.05.

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