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Figure 1

From: Improving the differential diagnosis between myelodysplastic syndromes and reactive peripheral cytopenias by multiparametric flow cytometry: the role of B-cell precursors

Figure 1

CD34+ subsets in normal, reactive cases (idiopathic thrombocytopenia) and MDS (RCMD) analyzed in the CD13/CD34/CD45/CD117 combination. Red: CD34+/CD117/CD13 cells that represent the immature precursors and B-cell precursors. Cyan: CD34+/CD117−−/CD13+ cells characterizing the immature myeloid precursors. Green: CD34+/CD117+/CD13−− representing early myeloblasts and early pro-eritroblasts. Yellow: CD34+/CD117+/CD13+ cells (myeloblasts). Purple: CD34−−/CD117+/CD13+ cells (promyelocytes). Blue: CD34/CD117+/CD13−− cells = proeritroblasts. The maturation patterns can be analyzed in the CD34/CD117 combination (A), CD13/CD117 combination (B) and CD13/CD34 combination (C). The myeloblasts (yellow) are increased in MDS.

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