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Table 1 Cases of squamous metaplasia with gastric neoplasm reported in the literature

From: Exuberant squamous metaplasia of the gastric mucosa in a patient with gastric adenocarcinoma

No Age/Sex Symptom Location (T/SM) Size (T/SM) Gross findings (T/SM) Associated neoplasm Clinical information Reference
1 30/M Dysphagia Body/body NA/NA Ulcerative granular area/NA Squamous cell carcinoma History of ingestion of corrosive acid many years earlier [3]
2 49/F Epigastric pain Low body of greater curvature/antrum NA/2.2 cm Polypoid mass/whitish irregular mucosal plaque Squamous cell carcinoma Congenital syphilis with chronic syphilitic gastritis [4]
3 55/M Epigastric pain Upper body of lesser curvature/anterior wall of cardia 8 cm/NA Polypoidgray white, granular tumor/patch of grey-white, shiny mucosa Squamous cell carcinoma Diffuse gastritis due to prior cytotoxic chemotherapy for lymphoma [5]
4 71/M NA Lesser curvature of Cardia/Lesser curvature of cardia 0.8 cm/NA Irregular whitish depressed lesion/NA Squamous cell carcinoma in situ NA [6]
5 69/M Epigastralgia Lesser curvature of cardia/Lesser curvature of cardia 2.1 cm/NA Superficial and protruding tumor/whitish mucosa Squamous cell carcinoma EBV infection [7]
Case 56/F Epigastric pain Cardia/cardia 4.5 cm/2.5 cm Irregular depressed lesion/whitish plaque Adenocarcinoma Intestinal metaplasia  
  1. T = tumor; SM = squamous metaplasia; NA = not available.