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Figure 3

From: Expression of SATB1 and HER2 in breast cancer and the correlations with clinicopathologic characteristics

Figure 3

Correlations between the expression status of SATB1/HER2 and HR expression. A 24.7% (n = 19) samples showed HR- in 77 SATB1- samples, 25.6% (n = 32) samples showed HR- in 125 HER2- samples, and 17.5% (n = 11) samples were HR- in 63 SATB1-/HER2- samples. B HR- expression was found in 46.7% (n = 43) of 92 SATB1+ samples, 68.2% (n = 30) of 44 HER2+ samples, and 71.0% (n = 22) of 31 SATB1+/HER2+ samples, respectively. C The effects of SATB1 and HER2 expression status on HR- expression. D The effects of SATB1 and HER2 expression status on HR+ expression. E SATB1/HER2 co-expression was negatively correlated with HR expression in breast cancer (r = −0.527, p = 0.000).

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