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Table 1 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry in the current study

From: Extrahepatic metastases as initial manifestations of hepatocellular carcinoma: an Egyptian experience

Antibody Code no. Dilution Type Company Country
HepPar-1 MS-18100-R7 Ready to use Monoclonal Mouse Lab Vision CA, USA
AFP A 0008 1:400–1:800 Polyclonal rabbit Dako Denmark
CD34 M7165 1:50 Monoclonal Mouse Dako Denmark
CK7 M7018 1:100 Monoclonal Mouse Dako Denmark
CK20 M7019 1:50 Monoclonal Mouse Dako Denmark
  1. HepPar-1 hepatocyte paraffin antigen-1, AFP α fetoprotein